Neovii is an independent, global biopharmaceutical company with a patient-focused mission to develop and bring to market novel life-transforming therapies to improve the outcomes in transplantation medicine, hemato-oncological and immune disorders.

Neovii was founded following the acquisition of Fresenius Biotech inheriting more than three decades of experience in specialty pharmaceuticals.

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Neovii’s global headquarters are located in Rapperswil, Switzerland, its U.S headquarters are in Waltham, MA, and its biologics manufacturing site and German operations are located in Gräfelfing, Germany. Neovii employs approximately 150 employees and has presence in nearly 60 countries worldwide.


We are dedicated to bringing life-transforming therapies to patients with unmet needs around the world.


Neovii aspires to be a fully integrated global pharmaceutical company with several franchises focused on diseases with unmet needs. We continually support customers up and down the value chain and are always in pursuit of maximizing total patient care.

We believe that our competencies and strengths combined with our values and culture make Neovii an employer of choice.


We are open minded, implement creative solutions and encourage entrepreneurship.

We are inspired by the meaningful work we do and are passionately committed to Neovii’s success.

We set clear, ambitious targets.

We aspire to expand the limits of what we can achieve.

Our team approach is based on integrity, trust, support and empowerment.

The Neovii spirit encourages each of us to be at our best.

We strive to better serve the needs of our patients, customers, employees, partners and stakeholders.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards.

We create an enjoyable, positive working environment and celebrate success.

We encourage taking responsibility and leadership, while learning from our mistakes.

We are driven because we know that people lives depend on our work.