1979 ATG-Fresenius® S (now Grafalon®) is manufactured for the first time
1981 First clinical use in organ transplantation
1989 First clinical use of the ATG-Fresenius® S polyclonal antibody in stem cell transplantation
2010 FDA grants orphan drug status and fast track designation for the development of ATG-Fresenius® S for prevention of GVHD in the United States
2011 German Health Authorities (PEI) approves ATG-Fresenius® S for GVHD prophylaxis in stem cell transplantation in Germany
2013 Fresenius Biotech becomes Neovii
2014 Neovii global headquarters are established in Rapperswil, Switzerland
2015 ATG-Fresenius® S is re-branded and launched as GRAFALON®.